3T Cayman Open & Closed MRI Solutions in the Cayman Islands

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What to Expect

Before your MRI exam, you can eat and drink normally and continue to take any medications prescribed by your doctor, unless otherwise directed at the time your appointment is scheduled.

Your exam may require the administration of a non-iodine contrast agent to make it easier to view certain areas of the body.

You will need to remove all jewellery, glasses, hearing aids, coins, keys, hairpins, dentures, credit cards and other metallic objects. You may be asked to change into a patient gown.

You should alert your physician or technologist if you are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker or any other type of metallic implant.

You will be asked to lie still throughout the scan, which could take from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the area of the body being studied and the number of images required.  You will hear knocking sounds – do not be alarmed as these sounds are normal.

MRI technology is safe and the staff at 3T Cayman will take every step possible to ensure your comfort during the exam.

Once your exam is complete and the images are produced, you will be given a CD of your images.  3T Cayman will contact your referring physician with the results of your study. Your physician will discuss your results with you.